Mayfield Business Group

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Operating from Mayfield in the High Weald of East Sussex, Mayfield Business Group (MBG) is a ‘one stop shop’ business consultancy able to offer all that the top tier consultancies offer – strategy, experience and support across all business departments – but at local prices.

We also incubate and develop start up businesses focusing on harnessing technology to make radical impacts on existing industries and are currently working on an exciting opportunity in the cruise & travel industry.

We guarantee to make a positive difference with a focus on business success – for example increased net profits.

Our focus is on producing clear and realistic plans to move your business forward with a complete business strategy for the overall organisation, or for a particular department.  Working closely with you, we ensure that the plan fits within your organisation and take care to define the necessary steps for your business to succeed. Equally important, we provide support and interim management to enable implementation, whether for new or existing strategies.

To enable you to maximise the use of your resources, our services include mentoring, management and skills training, as well as advice on the use of external resources (outsourcing and shared services), in particular the monitoring of existing contracts to ensure compliance, continual improvement and value for money.

Mayfield Business Group is a consulting firm which has been created to address the real needs of small and medium sized businesses. Feedback has shown that businesses do not just need advice; they need real world help and support. MBG has been created to provide this added value assistance and hence is more than just a regular business consultancy.

MBG offers the magical combination of a ‘one stop shop’ together with top tier business expertise and at everyday affordable prices.

Board room

We are a friendly, focused group of consultants who thrive on offering our expertise from many years of working within our respective industries and would welcome the chance to further your business objectives.

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